Booking of services with Rockclimber represents your unconditional acceptance of the Terms & Conditions set out herein. These Terms and Conditions will be imposed on you and all the travel companions accompanying you throughout the trek.

Payments for Activity

The purchase of any trek offered by Rockclimber Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘Rockclimber/We/Our’) constitutes a mutual contractual arrangement between Rockclimber and Client (‘You’).

Payments Mode

We accept bookings directly from our website for all our batches, or in some cases to the company’s Current Account. We do not have any cash collection facility.

Fitness Responsibility

We assume that before starting your journey for the trek, you are well aware of the difficulties and challenges and the level of fitness required for that particular trek. Though through a number of images, graphics, blogs and similar articles we try to provide you a number of methods to get in shape for the trek, physically and mentally. Getting fit for a particular trek solely depends upon you.

Rockclimber offer treks that have different difficulty levels, hence it requires fitness of different levels from the clients. The respective difficulty level for a particular trek is also mentioned with each trek itinerary

We are not a skilled medical expert(s) and it is your responsibility to acquire the medical consultation before you joining the trip.

We hold you solely responsible to furnish only the correct information regarding your physical condition before the trek. We assume all the information furnished to us is correct with respect to you and all the travel companions, on behalf of whom you are making the booking. It is your responsibility to mention if there is any medical condition, disability, pregnancy or any kind of mental & physical condition that may affect your fitness to complete the trek with us.

Any information furnished by you is assumed to be true but in case, while on or before the trek, we find any discrepancies, we reserve the right to terminate your trek with immediate action and in this case, there will be no full or partial refund.

Submition of Documents

All the required documents with will be shared with you along with the booking email are required to be submitted in advance (must be submitted before your trek start date). Rockclimber is not responsible for your trip formalities not being completed in time or for the absence of essential documents. we reserve the right to terminate your trek with immediate action and in this case, there will be no full or partial refund..

Age-Gender Ratio

People of different ages and mix genders join us for treks, there may be age limits constraints for different treks, that is completely depend upon the difficulty level of the chosen trek, however we do not moderate the gender ratio.

Cancellations and Refunds

If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity/unforeseen circumstances (like rains, snowfall, earthquake, landslides, strike, bandh etc.), Rockclimber will issue a trek voucher for the full amount. The voucher can be redeemed up to same amount for the same trek or another trek in the next one year.

In case you wish to cancel your trek please email us at

Cancellation charges are based on the total trek fee, and same for full and partial payment modes.

The cancellation policy is based on the original booking time and original start date of the trek.

Cancel before 30 days of trek start date and get full refund after deduction of 2% payment processing fee.

Cancel before 15 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 20% of total trek fee.

Cancel before 10 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 40% of total trek fee.

Cancel before 5 days of trek start date and get refund after deduction of 50% of total trek fee.

Trek fee is non-refundable if you cancel within 4 days before trek start date.

Note:- 1. Change of trek batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.

2. In case of transferring a trek to a friend, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by Rockclimber.

3. Rockclimber holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.

No Refund Cases

There will be no Full or Partial refund in case you voluntarily leave or drop out of the trek irrespective of any reason after the trip has started. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, meals or services if booked and not utilized.

In case, Rockclimber has to cancel the trip due to unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, we will suggest an alternative trip or date. You shall be notified of same. You may accept the alternate trip suggestion, voucher (with one-year redeemable limitation) or request another date of your choice, as per the availability. You can avail the service by paying the difference in price if any. Rockclimber, under any circumstances, will not be liable for any additional costs arisen to book/cancel/reschedule any mode of transport (flight, trains, taxi, etc.), mode of accommodation (hotels/ homestays, etc), visas, onward arrangements with this trip. Refunds in such a scenario will happen as per our cancellation policy.

Refunds are not possible for any missed or unused services including the voluntary/involuntary termination of the tour on account of sickness, late arrival on the tour, inappropriate behavior etc.

Rockclimber is not liable to pay for any compensation/refund for any missed service or any loss arising as an outcome of trip shortening, alteration, extension or cancellation due to any unexpected and unavoidable circumstances.

However, you expressly understand and agree that, in any event, the maximum liability of Rockclimber will be limited to the trip cost purchased from Rockclimber.

Use of Intoxicants

We strictly prohibit and do not encourage the use of intoxicating substances, legal or illegal, while or after and before the trek. The miscreants need to be aware that, if caught while on or after or before the trek carrying/consuming these substances, by the legal authorities, we hold no responsibility for their misconduct.

No Alcohol and Smoking

We strictly prohibit and do not encourage the use of intoxicating substances, like alcohol and cigarettes, while or after and before the trek. We believe that the consumption of such substances has medical complications and while on treks with us we strictly restrict the usage of such substances. In case, found under the consumption or carrying along with such intoxicants, your trek services from Rockclimber are liable to be canceled without any warning and further clarification.


All communication will be done with email-id submitted by you at the time of booking. We are not responsible for communication due to any misleading, wrong or invalid email-id submitted by the candidate. We also do inform the client by phone number submitted at the time of booking, however, the documents will be sent by emails only.

Backpack and Luggage Responsibility

The safety of baggage and personal luggage are at your responsibility throughout the trip. You are solely responsible for your personal belongings while on the trip. Rockclimber is not responsible for any loss of baggage, goods, air tickets, passport, cash, traveler’s cheques, or any other travel document or item owned by you while on tour, whatever may be the cause.

Backpack offloading

Rockclimber expects you to carry your own backpack which contains clothes, warm gears, toilet kits, etc. Camping gears like tents/sleeping bags is carried by Rockclimber support team. If for some reason, you do not want to carry your backpack, you can offload the same by paying an additional charge. Partial offloading is not available. If you want bag offloading service ( It means your personal rucksack/backpack will be carried by Rockclimber Staff on the complete trek and will be made available to you on the campsites). Please inform your trek leader at Basecamp. The charges for this service will depend upon the trek you choose, it will be communicated to you in the email. the weight limit for this service is 11kg per bag. This price remains the same, irrespective of the day the service is availed. The bag handed to us, should be covered with a rain-cover. Also, offloading on arrival may be refused if sufficient man/animal power is not available. Your offloaded backpack cannot weigh more than 11 kgs. No suitcases/strollers/duffel bags are allowed for offloading.

On Trip Behaviour

We reserve the right to cancel your trek if we find that your behavior is not suitable to continue the trip along with the group. The Trek leader leading your trek has to ensure your safety as well has to conduct the trek in a proper manner. Any behavior causing annoyance or distress to fellow travelers including Rockclimber staff will not be tolerated and the trek leader reserves the right to cancel your trek with immediate action, without any further clarification whatsoever it may be. In this case, no refund will be provided for any missed service.

Extra Expenses

Inclusions for each trip are different and the accommodation, meals, arrival or departure transfers, guides, entrances fees, equipment, and baggage handling, if included, are as specified with the itinerary.

Unless mentioned insurance, international and domestic airfares, cost of obtaining passports and visas, airport departure taxes, excess baggage charges, gratuities to guides, drivers and camping staff, meals other than those specified in the itinerary, beverages, personal expenses such as laundry, phone calls, and optional tour prices are extra.

Emergency during trek

You need to descend from the trek in case of a medical emergency which may arise in a trek, we will make arrangements for your return to the base camp or to the nearest road head, from where further rescue can be carried. The person accompanying you may or may not be a trained member depending upon the emergency and availability of manpower.

Here it should be understood that Rockclimber is not liable to pay for any expenses during rescue activity in an emergency condition. You will be solely responsible for bearing all the expenses of the whole rescue activity before or later.

Rescue Activity or dealing with emergencies is extremely difficult and time-consuming in the mountains, a sick person is not easy to rescue. Doctors do not go along with a team. Our trek leaders are trained to respond to medical emergencies but they are not doctors and can administer the situation up to a limit only. when you register for a trek, we assume you are aware of the challenges of a high altitude trek like AMS, HAPE, and HACE and you will educate yourself how to deal with these challenges in order to avoid medical emergencies.

Risk Acknowledgement

Trekking, Peak Climbing, and Mountaineering in the Himalayan region pose a risk to life and property to every individual. At mountains where usually our treks are conducted, unavoidable circumstances like changes in weather, fearing injury and even death. We at Rockclimber are prepared at our best to reduce all types of risks, discomfort and hazard to the best of our ability (within financial limitations), instead of all this there are chances of accidents, mishaps and deficiency in service. We assume that before booking a trek with Rockclimber, you are aware with these Terms and Conditions and fully agree with them. Please ensure that you carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before confirming your booking.