Our primary concern as a trekking group is to have a minimal environmental impact. We have introduced trekking, forest walks, mountain tours and we are not willing it to get ruined by anyone at any cost. We as a trekking group wish that our coming generations can experience the same adventures as we do. Hence to every possible extent, we will always prohibit any activity that harms the nature. Here are some suggestions for you and we want you to strictly follow the same when you are in mountains:

We believe that 10 years down the line, mountains that we visit today should be as beautiful as it is today, if not better. That requires consistent effort from every person traversing through these beautiful mountains.  As trekkers, we look up to you as our partners in carrying out this mission.  Right now, the biggest missing link is collaborative efforts.  As the green trails coordinator, my wish is to see that this collaboration happens and that it happens soon.  Collaboration could be your active participation in your treks and also your indirect contribution by sharing ideas that we can implement.