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Goumukh Tapovan Trek

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Gaumukh Trek-  The Holy River Ganges is the most sacred river in the Hindu religion and its source at Gaumukh at the Gangotri glacier.

The glacier follows an Westerly route located below Chaukhamba Mountain, the highest peak of the Group.

This is the only Ganga valley from where one can see Bhagirathi peak – I, II, III, Shivling Peak and Matri Peak, Raktvan. , all together.

Gaumukh Tapovan is one of the oldest treks in the country. It is a trek that fascinates trekkers for multiple reasons. However, the biggest one of all is that this trek leads you to the true source of river Ganga – Gaumukh.

When you are standing in front of the mouth of glacier, you realise how big and magnificent the Gaumukh is. You can observe the glacier calving, along with debris that has layered it over the years. The magnitude of where you are standing – the birthplace of possibly the most important river in our country, a river that is associated both as lifeline and as a part of a religious myth – strikes you. This has a profound effect on all trekkers.

The Bhagirathi sisters

One of the mountains that almost consistently stays with you through the trek are the Bhagirathi sisters. The trail keeps taking you closer and closer to them. These are extremely elegant mountains and perhaps one of the most impressive ones of the region. Watch for moonlight glistening off it’s snow clad surface from Bhojbasa campsite. It is a magical sight.

The Gangotri glacier

Gaumukh is the terminus of the Gangotri glacier, one of the largest glaciers in Himalayas. This is the glacier that feeds the Bhagirathi river, which goes on to form the Ganga.  Not only do you witness the source of one of the most important rivers of Indian civilisation, you traverse on top of it to get to the meadows of Tapovan.

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  • Tapovan is a high altitude alpine meadow.
  • A wonderful place to camp and spend the night.
  • You could see Blue sheeps also called Bharal in Tapovan.
  • Mt Shivling can be seen radiating its glory.


Day 1: Pickup to you from Dehradun Railway Station – Drive to Gangotri overnight stay Hotel
Day 1:   Pickup to you from Dehradun Railway Station – Drive to Gangotri overnight stay Hotel

Altitude: 10,170 Ft.

Time Taken: 8 hrs, 241 Km (Drive)

On your 1st day of Gaumukh tapovan trek, you will head towards Gangotri from Dehradun, the journey will start early, and it will be a journey of 241 Km to Gangotri.

The whole journey will be of 8 hrs besides mountains, and the way will pass from Mussoorie, the famous hills station encompasses by the Shivalik Range.

Later the attractions in the way will be Dhanulti, Chamba and after crossing these, you will reach Uttarkashi.

Uttarkashi the land of god that lies on the bank of the river Bhagirathi, you will be able to witness many temples along the way, later you will see the sight scenes of the Harshli village.

The Harshil village is known for apple orchards everywhere that will treat your eyes better.

As you move further after a long ride, you will reach Gangotri located on the bank of the Bhagirathi River, and you can stroll to the local market and admire the beauty of mountains.

The network availability will be good there, so you can take pictures and upload them instantly.

Day 2: Trek from Gangotri to Chirbasa (11,761 feet); (6 hours) (08 Km)
Day 2: Trek from Gangotri to Chirbasa (11,761 feet); (6 hours) (08 Km)

Altitude: 11,680 Ft.

Time Taken: 9 Km, 5-6 hrs trek

Trek Gradient: Moderate level of gradual ascent

Water sources: Spring and manmade water point are available

On your 2nd day of Gaumukh Tapovan trek, you will head towards Chirbassa from Gangotri, after having lunch you will start your trail.

Be ready for the entire thrill and adventure on your 2nd day of Gaumukh Tapovan trek, as you will start the trail you witness the pine forest, passing through the soothing green environment will be so magical and relaxing.

Along the way, Bhagirathi River will flow beside you so that it will be so amazing as well as spiritual for the trekkers.

The whole trek for the 2nd day will be a gradual ascent; it won't be so tiring, though it will be long but not exhausting.

The trek will be easy and relaxing the whole day, where it will be of around 4 to 5 hrs trekking along with Mother Nature all around, it would be a wonderful feeling.

Gaumukh Tapovan trek in Uttarakhand has the ultimate beauty as it is also a sign of spirituality for Hindus, so the destination bright more.

On the way towards Chirbassa, Sudarshan Prabhat will be alongside in your way, you will be able to see the Sudarshan peak, and it would be a magical feeling.

Few waterfalls, stream will come to your way, where you can refill your water bottles, and the whole trail will walk under the Gangotri National park.

As the trail will nearly towards the end you will be able to witness the Sudarshan peak properly, then you will finally reach the destination for 2nd day Chirbassa campsite from where you will be able to behold the beauty of Bhagirathi sisters peaks 1, 2, 3.

Day 3: Trek from Chirbasa to Bhojbasa (12,761 fit); (3 hours) ( 5 km)
Day 3:  Trek from Chirbasa to Bhojbasa (12,761 fit); (3 hours) ( 5 km)

Altitude: 12,435 Ft.

Time Taken: 5 Km, 2-3 hrs trek

Trek Gradient: Moderate level gradual ascent

Water sources: Get the water sources nearby

On your 3rd day of Gaumukh Tapovan trek, you will head towards Bhojwasa from Chirbassa.

Waking up in the lap of Himalayas will be so beautiful and an experience of a lifetime for you, as the sun will be so near to you resting in the mountains.

The whole scenario will give you the most exotic feeling and as you will start your trail towards Bhojwasa.

The trail will be easy to climb, and it would be the 2 to 3 hrs trek gradual ascent, you will be able to walk easily with the stunning vistas around you.

As you move further, you will be able to behold the Bhagirathi Peak clearly, and it would stand till proudly offering the ultimate blend of spirituality and adventure.

On your way, you will see some landslides sections too, be careful while walking and listen to your trek leader as well.

As you reach Bhojwasa after a trek you will reach a plan terrain, so it will be easy to walk, and you won't feel more exhausted.

The word Bhojwasa is named after Bhopatra trees or says Birch trees and these trees are in Abundant there.

As you reach Bhojwasa you will see the widest part of the Mount Shivling, along with that Ashram, and rent houses.

Bhojwasa will be your campsite for the 3rd day, after reaching the campsite relax and have your dinner.

Day 4: Trek from – Bhojbasa to Tapovan(14202 Feet) via Gomukh Glacier(13455 Feet) (05 Km) (3/4 hours)
Day 4:  Trek from –  Bhojbasa to Tapovan(14202 Feet) via Gomukh Glacier(13455 Feet) (05 Km) (3/4 hours)

Altitude: 14,600 Ft.

Time Taken: 18 Km, 10-11 hrs trek

Trek Gradient: rocky boulders and becomes noticeably steep gradually over the rocky terrain

Water sources: No water points, it’s advisable to carry at least 2 liters of water

And here comes the most strenuous and the longest day of the trek. Fill your tummies with a power packed meal, get your lunch boxes packed and don't forget to carry your water bottle.

Get some snacks and energy bars packed to ensure you don't run out of energy and excitement throughout the day.

On the 4th day of the trek, we will head to Tapovan and came back to Bhojwasa. The Gomukh Tapovan trek is relatively easy.

Gomukh is the end of the Gangotri glacier and hence the source of the divine river Ganges. Gomukh means a cows mouth. It is believed that the snout looked like a cow's mouth in the past.

Most people feel blessed by the lord if they get to visit the river Ganges. Even if you happen to be an atheist, you must have a look at the snout and witness the mighty nature.

From this point onwards the trail gets steeper and rockier. The boulders and the rock moraines on the glacier play an essential role in making this climb difficult, but the presence of these rocks and boulders also means that there would be no requirement and burden of the extra weight of technical equipments.

At most, trekking could be used to ease the climb. The final trek to Tapovan is rocky terrain, once you are on the other side of the terrain you will be pleased to be in the best-known meadows which also offer you a closer look of the magnificent Mount Shivling.

Tapovan is also famous for the Sadhus, the Indian Hindi saints who come here for meditation. It is also the base camp for the expeditions going to Mt. Shivling. It offers a direct and closer look of Mt. Shivling which is considered one of the most sacred and beautiful mountain.

Other than this Mt. Meru and Bhagirathi peaks are also worth having a look at.

After the gruelling trek, Tapovan serves as a perfect place for solitude.

Flora and fauna of this place make it more beautiful. Head back to Bhojwasa once you are done with all the adventures and rest.

Day 5 : Bhojwasa to Gangotri
Day 5 : Bhojwasa to Gangotri

Altitude: 12,450 Ft. to 10,055 Ft.

Time Taken: 5 hrs, 7 Km

Trek Gradient: Moderate to Difficult. The level trail to Chirbasa.

Water sources: Carry 2 litres of water. You can refill your water bottles at streams along the trail.

On your 5th day of Gaumukh trek, you will head towards Gangotri back from Bhojwasa as you have completed the whole trek.

It would be better to wake up early so that you can cherish the few last moments in the holy mountains shining bright in front of you.

As you will see Mt. Shivling looks magical, and connecting to other peaks and the whole mountains range looks Bewitching.

Later on, have your breakfast and get ready to trek back to Gangotri from Bhojwasa, carry enough water bottles as you won't get any water sources in between.

And the path will go like you have to cross the rocky terrain and moraines of the glacier.

There will descend; you will come across boulders, so take step gradually and carefully.

Day 6 : Gangotri to Dehradun
Day 6 : Gangotri to Dehradun

6th day of Gaumukh trek will be the end day as you drive back to Dehradun from Gangotri, have the final look over the mighty mountains with a sip of tea and say goodbye to the mountains, as your drive back to Dehradun will start.

It will be of 8 hrs Drive from Gangotri to Dehradun passing Bhagirathi River.

Collect the memories with you and the life experience with you in this journey of Gaumukh trek in Uttarakhand.


  • Certified and experienced Trek Leader.
  • Supporting staff.
  • All meals on scheduled time (Vegetarian and Delicious Only )
  • Quality equipment’s for Trekking.
  • Fully equipped medical kit and safety equipment’s.
  • All kind of permits and camping charges.
  • Personal expenses done by the trekkers while on the trek.
  • Food items purchased by trekkers during the trek at local canteens or during the drive.
  • Mules or porters to carry personal luggage.
  • Anything not mentioned in Inclusions.

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